Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Restaurant News: Eatery Shows Skin, Finds Success, But Toilet Themed Restaurant Goes Down Toilet

Somebody recently took to one of those on line restaurant review sites to take a West Virginia restaurant to task because the lovely waitresses there seemed disinclined to "show more skin."
The Atomic Grill in West Virginia
is "showing more skin."  

The ever-obliging owner of the restaurant, the Atomic Grill in Morgantown, decided to respond to the reviewer and did just that. He had the restaurant staff show a LOT of skin.

Oh, not like that, you dirty pervert.

The restaurant owner added potato skins to the menu, and turned the dish into a big promotion that raised money for the West Virginia Foundation for Rape Information and Services, says television station WBOY. 

For the reviewer who wanted the actual waitstaff to show more skin, he was out of luck. "That sort of attitude is Cro-Magnon at best,' said Atomic Grill owner Daniel McCawley.  The restaurant did not alter or change the design of the uniforms the staff wear.

But the potato skin promotion was a big success, according to WBOY.

What wasn't a big success is the toilet themed restaurant in California, which recently closed its doors.

Apparently, a  restaurant with toilets as seats and fare named after poo is not a great business model. 
The lovely (??) Magic Restroom Cafe has closed its doors.
And toilet seats.  

The Magic Restroom cafe featured Taiwanese cuisine, but some of the dishes had names like "black poop" and "smells like poop."

Appetizing, no?

The good news about the restaurant's closing is it prompted  local news headlines like "Magic Restroom Cafe Craps Out After Eight Months: and "Magic Restroom Cafe Goes Down The Toilet."

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