Sunday, June 1, 2014

Don't Steal From Church Collection Boxes If You're Looking For Sunday Thrills

It's Sunday.
An older couple stole money from
this tiny Swiss chapel, and many more
just for the thrill of it, officials said.  

Some of us are going to church. And some of us are looking to do something fun and exciting on a nice weekend day.

Once couple in Switzerland decided to combine the two pursuits and are surely now regretting it. I, for one think it's a good idea.

The couple, age 70 and 73 spent Sundays until recently going to churches and stealing church collection boxes, says the BBC. 

They didn't need the money, reports said. They just did it for the rush of getting away with something kinda mean. And criminal.

Of course, now police are investigating and it looks like charges will be brought against the couple.

The bottom line: If you're going to church today, Great! Just donate a bit of money if you want, but don't steal any.

If you're looking for a Sunday thrill, maybe a nice hike in the mountains, or even a sky diving excursion will do the trick.

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