Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Weather Forecaster Feels Earth Move Under Her Feet

Television weather forecasters and meteorologists in Oklahoma often busy themselves warning the public or describing tornadoes, droughts, floods, giant hail and other disasters.  
This KOKO-TV meteorologist was trying to forecast
baking hot weather in Oklahoma Monday, but
got earthquake shaken instead.  

At least they can predict those.

What do you do about an earthquake while you're on-camera, though?

Oklahoma has been hit by an escalating series of earthquakes in recent years, especially this year. There've been at least 200 this year.

Many people blame fracking, the practice of trying to extract oil from bedrock by shooting high pressure water and chemicals into the rocks, fracturing them and releasing the oil and gas.

For whatever the reason, these quakes are definitely unnerving in a state that's definitely not California.

This TV weather presenter on WOKO found out on camera how startling a 4.3 earthquake can be. Still, she managed to hold it together pretty well on live TV, better than supposedly earthquake savvy Los Angeles newscasters have been

Watch the WOKO reaction:

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