Monday, December 29, 2014

End Of Year Time Waster: 2014's Best News Bloopers

During a nasty southern California brush fire, a reporter
asked the shirtless guy about evacuations. The shirtless
guy asked the reporter out on a date. (She declined)  
Television news is often done live. And there's a LOT of television news outlets around the world.

Which leaves ample opportunity for news bloopers.

So, we present the best of the world's best bloopers.

You can pick out your favorites. Mine include the man on the street responding to a question about how he likes the winter weather.

His response: "It's the Justin Bieber of seasons. It's kind of cute and exciting when it first starts out, but now it's a bit obnoxious and should just stay in Canada."

There's the interview with the guy who hosted a HUGE rave at his house that drew lots of cops and the reporter asks him to explain himself. Pointing to an unconscious kid on the floor, he says, "I didn't make this kid pass out on my floor."
The audio failed in this newscast but the anchor
still managed to get a dig in at the competition.  

I like the Fox News reporter who, while reporting on college basketball said it was part of the NAACP. Uh, no.

There's lots of mishaps involving swear words and falls into water. There's the two men with, shall we say, opposing viewpoints who get into it near the end of the video.

And the video concludes with a delicious newscast with audio problems.

Again you can pick your favorites. There's so many.

Here's the video:

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