Saturday, December 27, 2014

The Annual Stupid "I Hate My Christmas Gifts" Parade

Little snots who hate their Christmas gifts
because they're, well, snotty.  
The ever snarky Gawker has this fun Christmas and post-holiday feature in which they somehow find Tweets and other social media messages from jerks, often teens who can't quite get into the holiday spirit in terms of gift giving and such.

Here are of few of my favorites:

"Irelandmac" informs us:

"Hate the fact my parents don't let me pick out my own clothes because I end up pretending to like everything I get."

I'm sure you're an awesome fashionista, Irelandmac. Tell everyone not get you anything for Christmas next year. You're on your own, kid.

"Plaidxluke" tells us:

"I hate when parents say, 'I buy your food and put clothes on your back' like you were the only one who chose to have a kid shut ur fucking mouth."

Yeah, Plaidxluke, I kinda wish your parents chose not to have you, so we at least agree on that.

Another more anonymous Tweet says: "I'm sad bc my parents won't buy me a new phone, i hate them."

Someone didn't get a jacket like this and
had a meltdown. Poor baby.  
Yeah, I'm sad that you exist and I'm glad you don't have a new phone, so now you won't be able to call or text anyone with your stupid complaints.

Someone else on Twitter got gifts, apparently, but not the ones she wanted.

She was mad, too! At least judging from this all caps message: "DIDN'T GET A PAULS BOUTIQUE JACKET!!!  WORST CHRISTMAS EVER I HATE MY PARENTS

Girl, have you actually LOOKED at Paul's Boutique jackets? With their giant logos splayed across the ugly material on these items?  What are you, a Project Runway reject?

I hope you didn't get any of these kids  something for Christmas. Better check their Twitter feed to make sure they're not jerks like this.

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