Monday, December 1, 2014

Except For The Land Mines and Booby Traps, This Property Is Spectacular

This, and 100 acres could be yours for as little
as $250,000, if you don't mind the land mines in the woods. 
There's a beautiful piece of property up for auction in Plainfield, N.H, that includes about 100 scenic acres.

It also has a nice large house that maybe could use a little renovation but has TONS of potential.

The minimum bidding price is $250,000 so this place is a steal.

Yet, at the first auction, nobody submitted a bid.

It could be because the property might be laced with land mines or booby traps. 

Yeah, that isn't the best selling point for real estate is it?

The property in question is the infamous compound of Ed and Elaine Brown, who in 2007 said federal income taxes were illegal and they wouldn't pay them. Ed Brown was trying to demonstrate his belief there was no obligation to pay federal income tax.

That didn't get him very far.

They were put on trial for tax evasion, but stopped showing up for the trial and holed up in their compound for nine months.

They, and some like minded people there, who did not recognize the authority of the U.S. government, stashed homemade bombs, weapons and ammunition.

The standoff was quite a sensation during the summer of 2007. Adding to the drama, Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer and his wife Joanna had property across the street from the Browns that they stayed at every summer.

The Breyers weren't there that summer, for sure.

The Browns were arrested in October of 2007 without incident and are now serving long prison sentences.

According to TechTimes, federal authorities aren't even letting prospective buyers tour the property:

"Federal officials are banning potential buyers from touring the property over concerns the woods on the property could contain high explosives. During the standoff, Ed Brown told a radio interviewer that police forces raiding the property would die, describing the conflict as "war." However, during his trial, he testified the booby traps in the woodland areas would meant to scare, not harm intruders."

So if you don't mind your wonderful walks through the woods interrupted by land mines blowing off your legs, so you can't walk in the woods anymore, have I got the property for you!


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