Thursday, December 11, 2014

World's Worst Attempt To Get Out Of A Parking Lot

"Calgary's Worst Driver" backs into a red car
during an epic struggle to get out of what should
be an easy parking lot.  
OK, I get it. Some people don't have a good spatial sense, so getting out of tight spots with their cars can be a challenge.

But really? REALLY??

Watch the video, below, of some moron trying to get out of a snowy parking lot in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Yeah, it's snowy, there's other cars around, but you can't manage this. And you get a driver's license, HOW?!?

Police are investigating this, says the Calgary Sun, because the driver backed into a red car. Plus, the driver is clearly stupid.

Authorities later caught up with the woman driving the SUV and gave her a $115 ticket for unsafe backing. I think they should just take her license away ---- forever.

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