Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Wicked Scary When A Firetrucks Hits A Helicopter With Blades Turning

Spars fly as a helicopter on the ground spins wildly
out of control at a crash scene in Chile.  
Talk about a situation going from bad to worse.  
In Santiago, Chile recently, a drunk driver crashed into a police car.

According to Jalopnik and, police closed off a street to let a helicopter land and help the three police officers who were seriously injured by the drunk driver.

A firetruck was also responding to the crash when it got a bit too close to the chopper, nicking one of its spinning blades.

That made things turn really dramatic, to say the least.

The collision sent the helicopter spinning violently, eventually flinging off its rotors, hitting a police car, and then exploding.

The helicopter pilot somehow survived, but with multiple fractures. The injured officers weren't further hurt, and were taken to a hospital for treatment.

As Jalopnik noted:

"This is certainly a strong reminder of how terribly things can go wrong for emergency responders. That, and it is a massive testament to the safety structurs built into modern helicopters. I shudder to imagine the G-forces that pilot endured."

I'll say!

Here's the video:

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