Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Awesome Little Girl Reacts Perfectly To Annoying Street Preacher

Zea, left, is non-plussed by weied street preachers
promoting homophobia in Columbus, Ohio.
Photo by Mara Gruber.  
In Columbus, Ohio, a self-absorbed, incredibly annoying street "preacher" confronted a little girl named Zea who was holding a rainbow flag.

Zea was among a throng of people celebrating Friday's Supreme Court decision that legalized same sex marriage across the nation.

The street preacher wasn't very enthusiastic about the Supreme Court decision. Oh well.

In a video showing the confrontation,  Zea at first looks a little stunned and afraid of the idiot yelling in her face. Really. Wouldn't you? I would.

Anyway, another adult enters the picture and gives Zea a high five, just to reassure her that everybody's got her back and it's OK.

Soon, Zea is high fiving  EVERYONE and pointedly annoying the idiot yelling nearby. She doesn't give a whit about what the moron is saying

Well, played, Zea!

Watch the brief video (H/T Gawker)

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