Monday, June 15, 2015

Yet ANOTHER Awesome Eyewitness News Interview, With Green Hair And Nails!

Courtney Barnes gives an amazing eyewitness
account of a car crash to a local TV
report in Mississippi.  
Those wonderful local television news interviews just keep coming!

Going viral now is an interview done by a reporter from television station WLBT in Jackson, Mississippi with a guy named Courtney Barnes who witnessed a crash between a police car and another vehicle.

No, this isn't just any interview. Barnes who saw the crash, has a nice bright green ponytail, long green fingernails to match and some of the most interesting eyebrows you've ever seen.

The crash seriously injured the police officer (who at last report is recovering and will soon be released from the hospital.)

But the crash was so nasty, and Barnes was so upset by it, that he noted that he forgot all about the trip to Burger King he was taking.

Apparently, the crash involved the police officer chasing a suspect. "They began to race behind each other like cats and dogs!'" Barnes explained.

Then the crash happened. "The PO-lice car just twist around like a tornada, girl!"

You might have seen Barnes before. He did a great job on the show "So You Think You Can Dance," some time ago.

The only bad thing for Barnes is somebody who saw the interview recognized him from security video in a shoplifting case, and he was arrested for that. (Barnes IS recognizable, after all.)

Watch the whole news interview. This eyewitness is truly a wonderful person who made my day. And will make yours:

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