Tuesday, June 9, 2015

People Of Walmart Hit A New Low

A video still of that pathetic Walmart fight
between two women and a little boy.  
I admit it: I'm afraid of Walmart, and I don't like the store.

Yesterday, I was forced to shop at one in Yankton, South Dakota while visiting this town. It was the only place in Yankton that would fill my medical prescription, so I had to go.

It was fine. There were no "People of Walmart" those incredibly weird people that seem to hang out there. The staff was cheerful and helpful. One of the employees chatted us up about our visit to town.

We were lucky. Luckier than the folks at a Walmart in Beech Grove, Indiana. Everything these days is captured on video, and uploaded to YouTube. This incident is no exception.

I'll set up the pathetic scene:

A woman in a motorized scooter and another woman exchange words in the shampoo aisle. (Note: judging from the video, both women could have used the shampoo.)

The woman in the scooter then stands up and challenges the other woman to a fight. They quickly start brawling.

The saddest part is the six year old son of one of the women, who joins in the fight by hitting the woman that had been in the scooter with his fists, and a shampoo bottle. The boy's mother, in the midsts of the brawl, yells to the kid, "Johnny, punch her in the face! Johnny, punch her in the fucking face!"

The video goes on and on with no signs of store security. Bystanders pause and watch. The guy taking the video says "This is white trash at its finest."


Police are investigating whether to charge anyone with a crime. Beech Grove police also said, with considerable understatement, that they are deciding whether to involve the Department of Child Services in their investigation because of the behavior of the kid and the possible environment where he is being brought up.

My objections to Walmart mostly have to do with how they treat their employees. Obviously, most people who shop there are nice and normal, and just hunting for a bargain. But some people....JEEZ!

Here's the sad video:

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