Sunday, June 21, 2015

Minion Attacks British Museum!!!

Dave the Minion appears to have had
a recent adventure in a British museum.  
One of my favorite things in the world is Minions, you know those yellow, pill-shaped characters with googly eyes, or a single googly eye, from the Depicable Me films.

I wish they were real.

I have a lot of garden projects, and wouldn't it be great to have the Minions help me complete those? It might not end up looking great, but they'd be fun to watch.

All this brings me to, of all places, the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery in Birmingham, UK.

A balloon depicting Dave, one of the Minions, got caught on a ceiling fan there recently. Museum officials decided it would eventually run out of helium and come down to the floor on its own.

It did, and security cameras caught it. The grainy video shows Dave the Minion appearing to have a wonderful time floating around the museum after hours.

Goofy video, but so much fun for this Minion fan, and probably you, to watch.  I also love the background music the museum chose to accompany Dave the Minion's adventure:

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