Tuesday, June 23, 2015

City Threatens To Jail Elderly Woman For Not Mowing Her Lawn

These four brothers mowed the huge lawn behind them
because the city threatened to jail the elderly
property owner for not mowing it.  
I guess city officials in Riesel, Texas have nothing better to do.

They've been threatening to jail a 75 year old woman for not mowing the lawns on property she owns.

She can't handle the job.

I suppose there's the possibility she's being obstinate, that she's just not bothering to hire someone to do the mowing. I don't know if she can afford it or not.

And the grass did get tall, up to 18 inches tall.

So yeah, maybe people in Riesel were annoyed by the tall grass. That, I get.

But threatening to put the woman in jail for not mowing the lawn? That just seems a bit harsh to me.

Four young brothers were nice enough to go over to Gerry Suttle's property, and they spend two hours in the hot Texas sun mowing the lawn, so she wouldn't have to go to jail.

However, she's apparently still in trouble.  She received another summons from the fine city officials of Riesel to mow the lawn or go to jail. It's unclear if the city is unhappy with the way the four boys mowed the lawn (looks fine to me, judging from the pictures) or whether another property is too overgrown for the city of Riesle to bear.

City officials aren't talking to reporters. They've got better things to do. Like maybe the old lady down the block who didn't deadhead all the faded flowers in her garden or something stupid like that.

I guess Riesel takes its landscaping way, wayyyyyy to seriously.

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