Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Vermont State Police Resolve Rush Hour Traffic Jam

A Vermont State Police trooper
workes to clear this traffic
blockage (the little turtle)
 on a southern Vermont road last week. 
Those of you who live in the Big Cities are used to the frustration of terrible traffic as you're trying to get to work in the morning

We have that problem in Vermont, too, though sometimes the traffic jam isn't necessarily caused by stupid motorists.

So it was in southern Vermont last week, when Vermont State Police were called to the traffic problem you see in the photo. Police posted news about the incident on Facebook.

The caption:

"Trooper Walker came by this Vermont Traffic Jam yesterday afternoon. After a brief negotiation and counseling session on the dangers of playing in the roadway the offender was escorted out of the roadway."

This inspired some great responses on Facebook.

Some of my favorites:

"You guys are doing one shell of a job!"

"The offender withdrew and had no comment."

"Turtle Lives Matter!"

"He wasn't speeding was he?"

(Allegedly quoting Trooper Walker at the scene,) "Don't get snappy with me!" 

While in Maryland yesterday, Jeff and I encountered the usual horrible traffic jams on the highways. There appeared to be no particular reason for the backups, they just were. The traffic was so bad it made us miss our flight to South Dakota. (We booked a later one)

Now we're in Yankton, South Dakota, where traffic isn't so bad. But we look forward to returning to Vermont when our visit is done, when we'll probably get stopped on the roads in the Green Mountain State by a traffic tie-up like this one.

Maybe if I put Turtle Wax on both the car and the turtle things would run faster?

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