Sunday, June 14, 2015

Franklin Graham Hates, But We All Love Instant Karma

Franklin Graham just can't seem to
find a bank that suits his tastes.  
When I'm bored, I sometimes idly go through YouTube videos, and every so often I'm drawn to instant karma video compilations.

Those are the ones where somebody does something wrong or stupid, and pays the price almost immediately.

The video at the bottom of this post isn't a compilation, but it is a delicious example of instant karma.

Franklin Graham, the evangelical Christianist son of Billy Graham was really, really upset with Wells Fargo Bank.

No, he wasn't mad at any financial shenanigans Wells Fargo may or may not have done. He didn't like a certain television ad from the bank.

The ad showed a pleasant same sex couple learning sign language so they could adopt a cute deaf girl, and Wells Fargo would be there to help the newly formed family through the financial leap they would have to make to become whole.

Awww. So sweet!

But Franklin Graham would have none of it! Wells Fargo is shoving the horrible gay agenda down our throats! An OUTRAGE!!!!! Family Values!!!!!!

So in a fit of anger at Wells Fargo, he withdrew his assets from Wells Fargo and put them in another bank that had better family values, supposedly.

Rachel Maddow tells the whole story much better than I, so let's allow her explain to us how things went for Franklin Graham and his banking experiences:

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