Saturday, November 21, 2015

Adele Enters An Adele Impersonation Contest

Adele impersonators, including a disguised real Adele
acting as "Jenny" (far right) await their turn backstage. 
Adele is dominating the music news of late, with the release of her not surprisingly beautiful new album "25"

When an artist becomes as big as Adele, there's a lot of fan clubs, look-alikes, wanna-bes and just general excitement around her.

So it was in Britain, where the BBC filmed a small local Adele impersonation contest.

With the help of prosethics, makeup and acting, Adele showed up at the contest as "Jenny" a mild mannered nanny trying her luck at singing like Adele.

Nervous "Jenny" is the last contestant to perform and sings "Make You Feel My Love." Only then does it dawn on the other contestants who "Jenny" really is. And they flip out, naturally.

The resulting video is really funny and sweet. Take a look. Totally worth your time:

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