Sunday, November 22, 2015

Weirdest Mystery Crime: Why Were These Women Twerking This Unwilling Guy?

From the surveillance video. Two weird women go
after Washington Thorpe 40, despite the fact he
is REALLY not into this. 
There's a viral video that's been out for a few weeks now of this guy, minding his own business in a convenience store, suddenly being subjected to twerking by two slutty women.

I don't normally throw around the world "slutty" when talking about any woman, but in this case, I feel compelled to make an exception.

The guy, Washington Thorpe was minding is own business in a convenience store when the two women started twerking right up against him and touching him in areas he did NOT want to be touched.

Twerking, for the uninitiated, is leaning forward and moving your butt around in a VERY suggestive way. This may be odd to say, but some people are really good at it.

However, in the surveillance video you can see at the bottom of this post, you can see the guy is clearly NOT into this twerking. But the women persist.

This is clearly weird. I shouldn't joke about it too much. After all, it's a sexual assault. I mean, what would you think if a guy started grabbing at a woman's private parts in a convenience store.


And so is this.  Were they setting up for a robbery? Were they incredibly aggressive prostitutes looking for a score and some cash? Were they just obnoxious?

Thorpe has to feel like he's the victim of the weirdest crime in ages.

He also faces a double standard. Because he's a guy, some oddballs say that he should have just gone for it. He's a guy after all.

But think about it.  A couple guy sassaulted a gal like this is horrible. The guy getting twerked is "lucky" according to old stereotypes. I don't think so.

Thorpe doesn't think so either. He's a nice middle school teacher, and I'm guessing his sexual tastes are a little tamer than what these two women were after.

Tharpe, 40, said the assault continued after the surveillence video ends, says television station WJLA. 

"He claims the assault lasted ten minutes both inside and outside a New York Ave. gas station and continued inside the car wash where the two women followed him. Tharpe said he wasn't sure if hee was being set up in a robbery."

Tharpe is a big guy standing six foot two and weighing 230 pounds. He actually tried to throw the twerking idiots off him but they came back on him with surprising ease, he said.

Last week, Ayanna Marie Knight, 22, of Las Vegas was found by authorities and charged with third degree sexual abuse against Thorpe. The other woman at last report was still  on the lam.

Heres the weird video:

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