Friday, November 20, 2015

Dear Morons: ISIS Bookstore In Denver Not Run By Terrorists

Note to morons: This is a peaceful New Age store
in Colorado, not a terrorist advetising tool.
Theres's a retail shop outside of Denver owned by a perfectly nice couple.

It's called Isis Books & Gifts and it sells books and gifts about religion, spirituality and healing. They have supplies for Tarot readers, the Wicca community, essential oils, that type of thing.

As most normal people would expect, Isis Books and Gifts, which has been there in Englewood, Colorado for something like two decades, is named after an Egyptian goddess of women and healing.

But morons and hysterics are around us, and these doofuses think since the place is named Isis, its a terrorist organization brazenly advertising itself right in suburban Denver.

So they keep vandalizing the place, according to the AP.

I guess part of the problem is the media, including me, keeps calling the horrible terrorist organization responsible for the Paris attacks and another zillion atrocities ISIS. The name sounds cool. A lot of people in government call the terrorists ISIL, and I should probably start doing the same

Still, people are stupid, and they see the word ISIS and start screaming "Terrorist!" And they keep vandalizing the little book store in Englewood, Colorado because they're too stupid to know any better.

On the bright side, the store's owners say the business at the store remains steady, even if they have to keep repairing signs and such after the stupid people come through.

They also have no plans to change the name of the store. After all, the Egyptian goddess the store is named after is a sign of peace.

And Lord knows we could use more peace. And fewer morons.

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