Monday, November 16, 2015

ANOTHER British Christmas Ad Wins The Day

Mog the CGI cat cauises an eventful Christmas
for a family in a delightful Sainsbury's
holiday ad from Britain.  
What is it about Christmas ads from British retailers?

American advertisers can sure learn from them, as ours are mostly terrible. (Apple's sweet 2013 Christmas ad was a welcome exception, however.)

The reason I'm saying this because barely a week after this Grinch managed to offer a seal of approval to the new John Lewis holiday ad from Britain, we have this great one from Sainsbury's, which is an English supermarket chain.

In this ad, Mog, a cat character made popular by beloved childrens' author Judith Kerr, awakes from a Christmas Eve nightmare and inadvertently and hilariously creates a real life Christmas nightmare for himself and the entire Thomas family.

The sight gags are hilarious, and children in particular will love the chaos in the Christmas ad. (This child at heart loved the chaos, too.)

It's Christmas, so of course everything works out in the end, but I love the way they get there.

Watch this great viral video of the Sainsbury's ad, called "Mog's Christmas Calamity":

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