Monday, November 9, 2015

This Curmudgeon Is Still A Sucker For Sentimental Christmas Ads

This little girl wants to make friends with the man
on the moon in the John Lewis 2015 Christmas ad  
A rite at the start of the Christmas shopping season is the new holiday ad from the British retailer John Lewis.

This year's version is out. As always, the ad is one of the rare bright spots in the frustratingly treacly Christmas season.

True, the annual John Lewis ads are pretty over the top sentimental, too, but at least they're well made.

Last year we had the little boy who helped his toy (or real!) penguin find true love on Christmas.

This year's John Lewis ad is almost, but not quite as good, but still worth a watch. 

Now we have a girl named Lily who spots what appears to be a lonely older gentlemen living on a desolate stretch of the moon.

Lily wants to make contact with him, at least to wave a hello, but how?  She also wants to send him a Christmas gift, but again, how?

Spoiler: Things get figured out very nicely, thank you.

Here's the video:

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