Tuesday, November 24, 2015

ANOTHER Needed Antidote On A Grim News Day

Some of the dogs at a Serbian rescue center enjoy a
nice, active day.  
Everytime the national and world news is bad, like it is today, I feel compelled to post something fluffy and happy, just to take our minds off it a bit.

Today's installment is a video showing a dog sanctuary in Serbia that at last count had 450 rescued dogs.

That sounds cramped and awful, until you realize the rescue center is designed to give the dogs plenty of space to run around and play. They don't warehouse them in cages or kennels (though of course they're given a sheltered place to sleep if the dogs so choose.)

It does sound like this wonderfull place in Serbia could use some funds to keep going. An animal advocacy group called the Harmony Fund is funneling money towards them - that is the nonprofit receives enough donations.

Harmony Fund says you can donate to them if you follow this link.

Meanwhile, enjoy the happy dogs to take your mind off things:

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