Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Alexa Talks A Blue Streak

Alexa, our new Amazon Echo voice activated
personal assistant, sits in a central location in our
house for easy use. But learning that it can
talk a blue streak has me wondering if
it should be hidden away when we have company.
The Modereger relatives in South Dakota gave us an Amazon Echo, or Alexa, the voice-activated personal assistant device.

Jeff and I love it!  

It's really cool, as many of you who have one know. It answers any question you have, and is a great personal assistant that hooks us in with entertainment, music and news, too.

Thanks Brian and Michelle and all the Moderegers!

We've put it to quick use, asking Alexa all sorts of spur-of the moment questions, many of them absurd, just to see how she would respond.

After a couple failed answers, I asked Alexa if she was OK, and to our delight, she said "Fine, thank you."

A television commercial played the Doris Day song "Que Sera Sera" prompting us to wonder if Doris Day is still alive and if so, how old is she. Alexa assured us that Doris Day is alive and 94 years old.

Jeff was mildly concerned about the weather back home in Yankton, South Dakota on Sunday, but Alexa assured us it was mild (34 degrees) and partly cloudy.

However, we've learned that Amazon Echo can have a few glitches.

In a viral video, a child asked it to an Amazon Echo Dot, one variation of this device to play "Digger Digger." As Consumerist notes, we can assume the youngster wanted to hear one of two chidrens' songs, either "Diggers, Dumpers and Trucks," by Kidzone or "Diggers (Diggers and Dumpers) by Tractor Ted.

Both songs are safely rated G.

However, we think Echo Dot misunderstood the question, and it turns out Alexa talks a blue streak. The viral video is below but beware, the audio is definitely NOT NSFW.

As you can hear, the Echo let loose a string of nasty words, including "dildo" as the adults in the room frantically pleaded with the device to just shut up.

Here's the funny NSFW video:

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