Monday, January 23, 2017

Skittles And Marbles Mystify Road Warriors

Some of the tens of thousands of Skittles spilled along
a rural Wisconsin road recently.
The road hazards people are encountering on the highway now seem to include Skittles and marbles

According to CNN affiliate WISN, a whole bunch of red Skittles were found along a Wisconsin .

Nobody is 100 percent sure who dumped them, or how it happened, but thousands of red Skittles. (missing the little "S" on each candy) appeared on a rural road in Dodge County, Wisconsin. 

The local sheriff said the Skittle spill was actually a bit helpful, because roads were icy and the Skittles afforded motorists with a bit of traction.

It turns out rejected candy, like the Skittles lacking the trademark "S" are often fed to cattle

This has been going on for decades, as candy makers and bakeries often sell rejects for cattle feed because it's a source of inexpensive carbs for the animals.

Animals like cows can digest Skittles and other candies easily, and can absorb what little nutrients the offer.

The local sheriff in Wisconsin later figured out that the Skittles fell off a flatbed pickup truck. It was raining as the pickup truck driver made his way down the road. The water disintegrated the cardboard box the Skittles were in, and so they fell off onto the road.

The mystery is that Mars, the maker of Skittles, says they don't sell rejected products directly to farmers, so they don't know how this ended up in Wisconsin.

Ah, the mysteries of life. 

Meanwhile, near Indianapolis, a truck carrying marbles overturned, spreading 38,000 pounds of the marbles on the road and roadside.

Yeah, insert slapstick comedy of cops, etc. trying to walk on marbles and failing miserably here.

As it was, one lane of an Interstate highway had to be shut down while people cleaned up the mess, undoubtedly while walking carefully. 

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