Monday, January 2, 2017

"Pizzagate" Just Keeps Getting Weirder And Weirder

Dallas Mavericks center Andrew Bogut was sidelined by a knee
injury, which wouldn't be exciting news except for the fact
the weird Pizzagate conspiracy theorists say Bogut
is actually being punished for publicizing Pizzagate.  
We now live in a world where a big subset of people will believe anything, and the biggest proof of all is Pizzagate, which believe it or not, is getting even weirder, which I never thought was possible.

As the New York Times explains this convoluted conspiracy theory, it was borne from Wikileaks, which released emails hacked from John Podesta, who was Hillary Clinton's campaign manager.

Note, you really have to read this New York Times explainer. It is SO amazing people will leap to such weird conclusions as fact. God help us.

Anyway, within Podesta's emails were mundane missives, including plans between Podesta and his brother, lobbyist Tony Podesta, to meet at a Washington DC pizza restaurant called Comet Ping Pong  for dinner.

Somebody on 4chan, a wacko extreme right wing message board, noted the phrase "cheese pizza" in the emails.

According to the nuts on 4chan, pedophiles use the initials "c.p." to denote child pornography. "Cheese pizza" has the same initials, so naturally, according to the wonderful minds on 4chan, Podesta was running a child sex ring at this pizza place, and that of course meant Hillary Clinton was also running this child sex ring.

Totally logical, right?

That, of course led to a another nutcase from North Carolina to head up to Washington DC to personally investigate Comet Ping Pong and rescue the children from the nonexistent sex ring in the nonexistent basement of the restaurant.

He shot up the place, but alas, rescued no children, since there were no children to be rescued.

That hasn't stopped the Pizza Gate conspiracy people, who won't let facts get in the way of their juicy scandal. They're still threatening employees of the pizza place, and people who work at neighborhing businesses, since they're in the same neighborhood and are obviously in on the crime.

In the latest development, some of Donald Trumps most paranoid, weird supporters are claiming NBA Dallas Maverick's center Andrew Bogut was banned from playing because he sort of agreed that Pizzagate might actually be a thing,  says the Daily Beast. 

The theory goes that Bogut was exposing "the truth" about Pizzagate, so they forced him to stop playing to silence him.

In reality, he was sidelined by a knee injury, that thousands of people saw on TV, but never mind eyewitnesses or reality.

There's a surprising number of people who subscribed to the "They're Silencing Bogut" theory.

As the Daily Beast notes, Reddit, which can be a swamp of weirdness anyway, has a lot of people on this "story." For instance, one headlined "Bogut Risked His Career To Help Expose The Truth,", written by WhiteGenocideXLV, had over 8,000 upvotes on Reddit.

As the Daily Beast also notes, this post was put up just a few hours after Bogut played 22 minutes in a Mavericks' 12-point win against the Los Angeles Lakers.

And never mind a whole bunch of people actually witnessed Bogut getting injured, and, again, there's a widely viewed video of Bogut injuring his knee on YouTube.

But video proof of something isn't good enough for the Pizzagate enthusiasts, no siree!

This will remain alive forever. It also helps explain why so many people voted for Trump. If some people are willing to suspend disbelief and become convinced Hillary, Podesta and even Barack Obama are running a child sex ring out of a Washington DC pizza parlor, they'll believe anything.

Even Donald Trump's slightly less fanciful statements and promises.

We blame the politicians for the failures and embarrassments and corruption in the United States. But let's face it, they're totally aided and abetted by too many head smackingly stupid, moronic people who will believe anything they hear, as long as it feeds their ignorant emotions.

As I've said before, too many of us live in a fact-free world, and that is at all of our peril.

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