Friday, August 12, 2011

Great Summer Clouds

Wednesday evening, thunderstorms roamed the northwest corner of Vermont just before sunset, giving us some great sky viewing opportunities.

Summer cloud patterns to me are a lot better than those of other seasons. There's much more chaos in the sky,  the light can change more quickly, and they have these great vertical features that are missing during colder times of year. 

The geometry of the clouds seems to constantly change, the the sun paints the clouds every imagineable color. Those colors reflect off onto the landscape, as the photos I shot,  below, show.

A thunderstorm cloud rises high into the sky
as seen in this view looking north from Georgia, Vermont. 

Light from a setting sun undercuts dark storm clouds
in Sheldon, Vermont.

The bright orange glow of the sun just before it sets
lights up the landscape beneath threatening
clouds in Franklin, Vermont. 

A bit of the sunset's afterglow is visible
in the cool light beneath a thundershower,
looking northeast toward Jay Peak from Franklin, Vermont. 

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