Thursday, August 11, 2011

Wild Storm Hits Me, I Rejoice

In the summer time, I often drive a fair distance to chase a nice big fat thunderstorm, that's just the geek I am.
Two big trees blew over in  a severe thunderstorm
yesterday in Shelburne, Vermont

Yesterday, the wildest thunderstorm I've been in this summer came to me. I have Jackson the puppy to thank for that.

It was time for Jackson to get his first checkup and some shots, so off to Shelburne, Vermont I went. Jackson got throught the veterinarian visit with flying colors. As we left a thumder was just about to break

I got in the truck just as a wave of wind and rain and hail swept in. I put the truck in part, whipped out the camera and started filming. You see pics of the aftermath of the storm in the photos here, and the video is below.

I wish I angled the truck differently, because as I was filming at least three big trees fell behind me.
Damaged trees after the severe storm
in Shelburne, Vermont yesterday.

But it was still wild to feel the truck rock in the wind and the hail rattle over the truck's roof and hood. By the way, when the video goes to just gray and white, that wasn't a mistake. That's what it really looked like.

The area hit by the storm was isolated. I happened to be right in the middle of it. Just a quarter mile to my south and north, there were few signs of wind damage.

To think I would have missed the storm if it weren't for Jackson. Thanks, buddy.

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