Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sinatra Always Soothes

One of the biggest summertime irritants is noisy, hot construction in the middle of a city. It makes everybody who is hot and bothered even more hot and bothered.

Construction worker Gary Russo soothes rattled
nerves in NYC with his Sinatra renditions.
Gary Russo understands this. The New York subway construction worker, who lately has been helping tearing things up around Second Ave. in the Upper East Side, also understands the quickest way to soothe such hot and bothersome construction is Frank Sinatra

So, on his lunch break, he drags out a little portable karaoke machine and starts belting out Sinatra songs, according to the New York Post, via The Daily What.

Russo sings quite well, too. Anytime you hear Sinatra, a lot of the world's worries go away. Even if Sinatra is singing about heartbreak.

I think that's why so many people find Landau Eugene Murphy Jr., a current contestant on America's Got Talent, so appealing.  Like Russo, Murphy is a blue collar kinda guy who really knows how to channel his inner Sinatra.  Murphy works at a car wash in West Virginia. Or he did until people started embracing him for his performances singing Sinatra. 

When Sinatra comes from unlikely source, like from Russo or Murphy, anything annoying like city noise, construction and humiity just melts away.  Russo and Murphy are at least one antidote to our hot, contentious, noisy and annoying summer of 2011.   

Below is a nice video clip of Russo doing his lunchtime Sinatra serenade.  Russo actually looks pretty suave, even with his hard hat. He says he's from Queens. Best thing from Queens since Cindi Lauper, in my opinion. 

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