Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Weird Crime, Ctd.

Every once in awhile, I have to stop and check in on how the criminal element is doing. Not well, apparently. One guy last week might have pissed away his chances with the U.S. Olympic Ski Team. A  Connecticut woman is in trouble over a fit of jealousy over a 12 year old girl who thinks the kid is after her 30 year old boyfriend.

Then there was the guy, vexed with his bad complexion, who entertained diners at a McDonald's to pop his pimples. I'm sure the McDonald's customers were thrilled to watch this guy work his skin conditon.

 First our skier. The good news is the incident now doesn't seem quite as bad as first thought, but he doesn't redeem himself either.  Contrary to earlier reports that he peed on an 12-year-old girl, he actually peed next to her and splashed her a bit. 
A nice, sober pic of Robert Viertze

Not sure why the father of the girl backed off on the story a bit, other than it's clear he's sick of the publicity, a problem I'm contributing to it in a small way.

Apparently, the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association was not amused by our friend, Robert Vietze, 18, of Warren, Vermont, who said he had eight drinks before the flight. Um, isn't 18 under the age limit? If he was drinking, why did the bar serve him? Inquiring minds want to know.

Believe me, never drink before a flight. I once had one beer before flying to New York. Though I'm proud to report I did not cause any incidents, and nobody was particularly bothered by me, the whole experience would have been much smoother had I skipped the beer until I had an (expensive) one in Manhattan.

Vietze faces a misdemeanor charge, according to the New York Port Authority. A Port Authority spokeswoman was forced to say the following unlikely sentence: "He was intoxicated and was charged as it is against the law to pee on another person."

Thanks God for laws like that. If only it was also the law that puppies aren't allowed to pee on people, too. Are you listening, by little puppy Jackson?
Mug shot of Candace Kiley. She is accused of hitting
a 12 year old girl in a fit of jealousy.

Meanwhile, in Connecticut, Candace Kiley, 24, is in trouble for grabbing the hair of a 12 year old girl and slamming her to the floor last week, police allege. This was at a birthday party.

Seems our friend Candace thought the 12-year old girl was "looking" at Candace's 30-year-old boyfriend. It was a fit of jealousy.

Actually, I have no doubt the 12 year old kid was looking at the boyfriend, but not in any kind of you're-hot-come-get-me kinda way.

My theory is the kid was looking at the guy as in "Why are you hooked up with that wacko?

Anyway, I'm sure this mess will surely get sorted out in court. Couples counseling, anyone?

Meanwhile, Owen Lemire Kato, 23, is accused of hanging out by a Florida McDonald's, offering diners a fantastic view of himself trying to pop his impressive array of back pimples.  Turns out it's not illegal to do that in public, though it should be.

Still, according to police, he is charged with driving without a license, giving false ID to police, resisting arrest and possessing drug equipment.

Anything to get him away from eateries, no?

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