Monday, August 8, 2011

More Adorable Jackson the Puppy Being Adorable.

Yeah, I got it bad, I am smitten by our new puppy Jackson, the cocker spaniel. Now that he's used to living with us, he's turned into quite a handful.
Hug me!

That's the trouble with smart, inquisitive and active puppies. They're smart, inquisitive and active, which leads to all sorts of trouble. But even when he is at his most trying, he is a barrel of laughs, so it's worth it.

And what an ego boost he is! I come home after a long day of work and every time Jackson runs to the door and greets me like a long lost war hero. He gets so excited I think he'll burst. Anyway, people love adorable puppies being adorable, so you can look at some new photos I took of him.

How do I put up with Matt and Jeff?

 I hear something I want to attack.

A Special Bonus: Jackson also makes his YouTube debut. In it,  he saves us from a dangerous blue spruce twig. Our hero!
Watch it at the bottom of this post

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