Friday, August 19, 2011

Party With This Dude!

Sean Stephenson rocks.

He put out a video maybe a year ago, and it has suddenly gone viral, especially now that Buzzfeed has picked it up.

No wonder it's so popular. This guy is absolutely charming. He's got some sort of disability that keeps him in a wheelchair, but he's so peppy and cheerful that no matter how bad a mood you're in, you have to smile. The video is a great crutch when something stupid gets you down.
Sean Stephenson

Stephenson looks like just an obscure fun guy in the video, but according to his Web site and bio, he's had quite a career.  His illness made people think he would die not long after birth, but he's still going strong. He's held various jobs as a political aide for various high ranking people in Washington and works as an inspirational speaker, 'natch.

Some people commenting on the video worry that people laugh at him, but I think that's very rare. Sean is so infectiously friendly in his "You're Invited to a Dance Party!" video.

Money quotes from him: "Life is supposed to be silly and not so serious."

Here's the vid: Bet you'll smile through just about all of it. And Sean has an open invite to party at my house anytime he wants

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