Saturday, September 15, 2012

A $290 Brown Paper Bag To Make You the Top Fashionista

Hat tip to brother in law David Jenne for alerting me to this one. A designer has come up with a handbag that looks like a crumpled brown paper bag because..... it IS a crumpled brown paper bag! And it's available for the low low discount price of $290!!

Operators are standing by!!! Or not.

Who needs to go to Dollar Discount for a supply of paper bags when you can spend a good chunk of your mortgage payment on a brown paper bag?
You, too can have this brown paper bag
for the low, low price of $290!

Of course the designer, Jil Sander,  has added a special protective layer for the bag, to it holds together. It has drawstrings, ventilation holes and other design elements.

The handbag is this year's perfect accessory for your hot night out in Skid Row, drinking bottles of Colt 45 from this beautiful work of art.

I suppose the reinforcements the designer has put into the bag are good, because I find brown paper bags pretty impractical. They rip easily. If any food in there has condensation, the paper bag gets wet and falls apart.

I'm sure it would be embarrasing for a fashionable woman breezily strutting down the street with her brown paper bag handbag and have all her lipstick and eyeliner fall all over the sidewalk.

But that could be part of the charm of this powerhouse fashion statement. End a night out on the town gloriously, decorated by the soggy, fragmented remains of a brown paper bag stuck to the glitter on your Versace cocktail dress.

W Magazine raved, calling the bag "perfectly in sync with the fashion house's minimalist role."

Still. What would you carry in this brown paper bag handbag? Pet rocks is my guess.

Or, as Jenna Sauers in Jezebel asked, "Does Jil Sander sell a bag I can barf in, too?"

Now there's an idea.

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