Tuesday, September 11, 2012

When Buying Meth, Dial Carefully.

Aaron Templeton was looking to buy some meth. But he learned a lesson in careless cell phone dialing. He accidentally called a random narcotics cops, according to television stations KXLY and KBOI.

Hasn't he ever heard the phrase: "Operators are standing by, but dial careful."
Aaron Templeton rang up a narc cop when
shopping for meth, police said.

The narcotics cop played right along, no doubt enjoying his easy day at the office.

Right before his arrest, as the narcotics cop drove up to complete the sale  arrest, an unsuspecting Templeton uttered these famous last words: "That's weird. A cop just pulled up on me, so what's up with that?"

Um, it wasn't so weird. Just a cop showing up to make yet another arrest, and to add one Aaron Templeton to the already incredibly long list of stupid criminals. Congratulations, Aaron!

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