Monday, September 17, 2012

Cape Cod Weekend Photos

Living in northwest Vermont, I haven't seen the ocean in nearly two years, since I don't have easy access to the coast.
Sunset in a small harbor in Truro, Mass. on Cape
Cod Saturday evening.

So when Jeff suggested we go to Cape Cod for a wedding of one of his past students, I was all for it.

The wedding was at a yacht club in Truro.  Everybody there was very nice, very wonderful. And they were even patient with me when I excused myself periodically to take some photos. I couldn't resist.

I loved how the light kept changing throughout the beautiful, warm day on the Cape. We also went through several art galleries over the weekend, and I was struck by how many painters were inspired by the same views I saw.

I can't blame these artists at all. It's gorgeous down there.
A few light clouds in a blue sky over
Truro, Mass. Saturday. 

A few of the photos I took are in this post.
A small harbor in Truro, Mass. as the light fades
Saturday evening. 
Tristan and Bethany, having just
gotten married, enjoy a moment
in Truro, Mass. Saturday. 

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