Saturday, September 8, 2012

Family Fued Fails are Fun

When asked to think quickly, sometimes we fail spectacularly.

So I have a dollop, just a dollop, of sympathy for the people in the video below. They're all contestants on "Family Feud" who must quickly give guesses to poll answers.  You know, the top answers to a question like "Animals with names containing three letters."

One person answers that question with this response: "Alligator"

Another person, when asked to name a yellow fruit, says "Orange."

Something that comes with a summer storm: "Snow. "

Name something in your house you'd yell at if it suddenly stopped working: "Your spouse."

So, for a few time wasting minutes, watch a funny compilation of bad, really bad, Family Feud answers.  Maybe the show wasn't so awful after all.

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