Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Quality Body Shop in Roanoke Is Best in the World

If you ever happen to be in the Roanoke, Virginia area and thinking about fixing that ding in your car door, you MUST stop by Quality Auto Paint & Body.

By all accounts, they do a great job, but the really reason to go is the guy who runs the place, Richard Heneger Jr.
Richard Heneger, left, fixed Jordan Addison's car after
a homophobic vandalism spree, on the Ellen show.

He was on the Ellen Degeneres Show recently because of how he reacted to a sad local news story.

Seems an area college student, Jordan Addison, who is gay, had his car repeatedly vandalized with homophobic slurs by some scumbag who I don't believe has been caught yet. They scratched the words  "die" and "fag"on his car, smashed out the windshield and did other damage in at least three attacks over a few months.

Heneger heard the story on the news, and rang up Addison and asked him to bring the car into his shop so he could have a look. Heneger and Addison didn't know each other, but Heneger said he felt like he had to do something.

So, he took Addison's car and did about $10,000 worth of repairs, free of charge.

All this got the attention of Degeneres, who had Addison and Heneger on her show this month. For added oomph, Cover Girl, the cosmetics company Degeneres does ads for, gave each man $25,000 for their good deed.

I don't know if the whack job who vandalized Addison's car in the first place is even aware of the outpouring of support. But I do like how the moron wanted to make things worse for Addison, just because of his or her ignorant world view. Instead, things are better for Addison and Heneger than before.


Here's the clip from Ellen's show:

This isn't the first time Heneger did something big for somebody. One of his best buddies, Jason Clary, asked Heneger to store his dilapitated pickup truck on the Quality Auto Paint and Body while he was serving in Afghanistan.

While Clary was gone, Heneger and a bunch of his friends in the auto body world completely repaired and tricked out Clary's truck to the point of complete awesomeness. 

So, I'll do what Ellen did, and just keep plugging Quality Auto Paint and Body.

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