Thursday, September 20, 2012

How to Make a Really Big Earthquake Fun

The aftermath of a horrible 8.0 earthquake in China.
Huge earthquakes, you know, those 8 Point Somethings on the Ritcher scale that level whole cities,  are NOT fun.

But, in the name of earthquake preparedness, some people in Oregon are putting people in a simulator that lets people know what a huge earthquake feels like.

The nice thing is, the simulator doesn't have 30 story buildings caving in, so it's fine. The point of the simulator is to let people know what a strong earthquake feels like, so it can get through to them that they really need to batten down the hatches in their houses so things don't fly all over the place.

My question, judging from the video in the link, is would any building stay up in that?

But the earthquake simulator ride does seem like fun, so at least we have that. I think they should have one of those at the fairs in Vermont next year, even if we don't get big earthquakes here.

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