Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fun With Spiders and Lava

Dancing spiders and lava on ice, oh my!

In one of my random, mindless Internet wanderings lately, I found two very, well, random videos that entertained me.

The first was a nature video of something called a peacock spider. The male peacock spider is brightly colored and does a fun little dance when it's horny and wants to get it on with a female. More information than you'd ever want to know about it is in this scientific paper.

The spider looks like he's starring in a bad music video, but since it's done by a spider, it's cute, not obnoxious. Give it a watch, it gets good a short ways into it, maybe a minute:

Then there was this strange little experiment to see what happens when you dump molten lava on a bed of ice. The lava takes on the look of a living, breathing, oozing fire breathing black monster. It would be perfect footage for a horror movie. But again, entertaining in a strange way.

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