Sunday, December 8, 2013

Almost 50 Below And Canadian Couple Spend Pleasant Morning Outdoors

If you've watched the news the past couple of days, you know much of the country is having quite a little cold snap at the moment.
Enjoying a pleasant, 49 degrees below zero
morning in Manitoba, Canada.  

It's worse in Canada, of course. It's always worse in Canada, given that's the country that exports all those nasty cold fronts to the United States.

Up in Manitoba, it was 45 below Celcius (49 below for us Fahrenheit fans. Since I get whiny when it gets to zero, I can't relate to that.

But, as Canadians do, the couple in the video below embrace the bitter cold. They go out, blow soap bubbles to see what happens, throw hot water in the air to make a steam display and have a grand old time.

Notice how they're dressed, or not dressed. The woman has no hat on. The man has no overcoat. Their glasses aren't even fogging up, for Chrissakes. And they seem like they are in no hurry to get back inside.

If I lived in their town, I would hibernate until May.

It must be their wonderful Canadian accents that keep them warm

So watch this delightful video that shows the coldest way to warm your heart.


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