Thursday, December 12, 2013

Sign Language Fiasco, Sign Language Triumph

The guy who was doing the sign language bit at the Nelson Mandela memorial service sure has gotten a lot of attention.
This guy doing sign language
at the Nelson Mandela memorial
really botched it. He blames

People watching said he had no idea what he was doing, that what he was signing was gibberish and the whole thing has turned into an embarrassment in an otherwise rousing, moving tribute to Mandela.

The story got more bizarre this morning when it came out the Mandela sign language guy said he was in the middle of a schizophrenic episode when he was trying to do the signing at the event, which was televised world wide.

According to the Associated Press: "Thomsanqua Jantijie...said he first noticed something was wrong when he saw angels streaking into Johannesburg's FNB stadium. 'What happened that day, I see angels come to the stadium'"

Jantijie said similar episodes have triggered "a lot" of violent reactions from him in the past, a prospect that--considering the number of security guards nearby--made him nervous."

The company that hired Jantijile and the people behind it, appear to be in hiding.

Meanwhile, we have a much more successful sign language event.  A kindergarten kid in Florida was among many performing in a Christmas show for their parent.

One youngster was the child of deaf parents, and didn't want her mom and dad to miss out on the show. So she signed her way through the song, much to the delight of everyone. And of course, she did everything right.

She probably should have signed for the Mandela event.

Watch the adorable video with the little blonde girl doing the sign language and see for yourself:

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