Friday, December 27, 2013

Best News Bloopers Of 2013 Worth The 15 Minutes Of Chuckles

I was in the news business for a long time, but never had an urge to do television news.
This television reporter is trying to draw a road map for viewers
during a live broadcast, but...... 

Why? Because I always open mouth and insert foot. With print journalism, I could always edit out my bloopers before they saw the light of day.

You know, bloopers like the accident victim was taken away by the "Essex Rescue Squid." Or that we just got a statement from "U.S. Sen. Patrick Lengthy."

Or the time I tried to write that a Shih Tzu dog was rescued from a house fire, but I almost wrote "shiatsu" which would be the first time a massage was rescued from a blaze.

So enjoy these clips of news bloopers and be thankful you didn't make them.

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