Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas 2013's Worst Grinch; And An Anti-Grinch Can't Catch A Break

Congratulations go out to Janice Tully, 49, of Hyannis, Mass. who gets this year's award for worst Christmas Grinch.
Janice Tully, this year's Grinch Of The Year
Award nominee.  

According to WBZ-TV in Boston, Tully volunteered to take two families with five children in total to a Toys For Tots event in which the families, which couldn't afford all the Christmas trappings.

The families would collect the toys, get driven back home by Tully and have a wonderful Christmas.

So far so good.

But them, once all the toys were packed in Tully's car, she zoomed off, stealing all the toys and left the families stranded, according to WBZ.  The families had to take a taxi home, without the toys, of course.

According to WBZ

"When Tully returned home, she told her neighbors the toys were gone.

Candida Pina was one of the victims. 'I said, 'why are you doing this to my children, not to me, why are you doing this to children at Christmastime,?'"

If Tully had an an answer, it wasn't forthcoming. course.

Police said they found some of the stolen toys in the trunk of Tully's car. Police said Tully wouldn't tell them what she did with the rest of the toys.

She's charged with felony larceny of property.

Of course the police are the least of Tully's problems. Boy, is the Internet and the world going to hate on her!!   Oh well, she should have thought of this before.

Luckily, Toys for Tots came through and replaced the toys Tully allegedly stole, and, as one of the kids involved said, Santa came after all. Phew!

Again nice gesture. It gave the homeless some needed food, gave them an great experience to remember and showed them some respect.

Not if you read the troll comments at the bottom of various articles about this I read on line. Few people congratulated him. 

The criticism ran this way: Some of the money to pay for this was donated by friends, plus it was his restaurant, so he didn't pay much.

I say, so? At least he contributed something.

Other critics said it only benefitted a few people. Why didn't he just do some simple foods, or MRE's and distribute them to more people who were needy? 

Yeah, that's really respecting the homeless. Donate something that's barely edible.

Look, no act of charity is perfect. It doesn't reach all of the intended people, it isn't always distributed perfectly, people could have dug deeper into their pockets, etc.

But you have to start somewhere. 

I have to ask, how many of the trolls who were bitching about this guy donated something themselves?

Probably nothing. They were too busy trolling on Christmas Day. 

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