Sunday, December 1, 2013

West Rutland Cemetery Sign Is An Instant Classic

A few months ago, the people who run the biggest cemetery in my home town of West Rutland, Vermont  put up a new sign so that people could find it.
One of the world's most grand cemetery signs,
in West Rutland, Vermont  

The sign is an instant classic, as I was reminded when I visited West Rutland for Thanksgiving.

Click on the photo to make it bigger and easier to really see.

The cemetery is a run by local Roman Catholic chuches, usually a pretty staid outfit. But the sign design is basically Greek Orthodox meets Las Vegas.

I love the ornate crosses, the royal blue backround with the images and flowers and leaves.

The nicest touches are the arrows on either side of the sign that points to the ground, to tell us precisely where everyone is buried.

In case anyone needs to know, you see.

I think it could be improved upon, though. Why not go for broke? Wouldn't it be great if there were chaser lights on the sign that lead to those down arrows.  That would really tell you what this cemetery is about.

The sign could also use some accessories. Maybe one of those things that have fans going to make   little blow up figures wave around, like you see at used car lots during their Big Annual Sale.

These figures could also point toward the ground, reinforcing the message the down arrows on the sign already convey.

I also must say the gravestones in the cemetery lack a certain style. They're just your standard issue marble or granite markers telling us who is buried, maybe a line saying who loved them, or a brief, rest in peace sort of message.


The gravestones need pizazz!  You could create themes based on the people who died. The accountant could have money decorations plastered to the gravestone. The deceased lawyer could have a figure of a judge and a lawyer arguing on top of the marker. The possibilities are endless!

Yes, I know all this is sacriligious.  But we're always told at funerals that we're celebrating the life of the dearly department, and of course their journey to heaven (assuming that's where they're going)

So maybe West Rutland has the right idea. They've made the cemetery a bit more celebratory, and that's not such a bad thing

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  1. I don't think the sign makes it clear who has the upper ground in this divided cemetery...;-)