Saturday, October 11, 2014

I Don't Think Sticky Tape Will Hold Up Concrete Beams

I'm not sure duct tape will solve this problem.  
It's Saturday, and it's time to do those home projects you've been planning to get around to.  

So caulk those windows, rake those leaves, put the garden to bed for winter,  repaint the wall, or build a nice piece of furniture in your wood shop.

But here's a pro tip: Make sure the work you're doing is actually going to work. And don't overestimate yourself.

Like some guy in China did.  I haven't been totally able to verify this story, but if it's true, Aye, yi, yi.

There are these big vertical concrete support beams in front of his building that are crumbling badly, as you can see in the photo on this page.

Building inspectors in Jinan City, China reasonably enough, told Kang Hsiao to fix them because they are a severe hazard to passersby.

So he did.

He could have replaced the concrete beams. Or called in a structural engineer for advice. But that doesn't show initiative. In a spirit of DIY enthusiasm, Hsiao fixed the beams himself.

How? He just wrapped them in sticky tape. That'll keep them intact, right?

Hsiao is quoted as saying, "I've used the tape before for many things and it's always proved to be durable, strong and effective. So when they told me I need to repair the beams it was an obvious choice and a lot cheaper than new beams."

Personally, I've always said that duct tape and WD-40 can solve 90 percent of all problems, but maybe that's an exaggeration.  I don't think duct tape will solve Hsiao's issues with the concrete beams, but you have to admire his optimism

His city and neighbors, though, don't share Hsiao's sunny view of things. The city is about to fine him big time and the neighbors are unimpressed.

Local media quoted one person who said, "I like Kang and I like his attitude, he takes a hands-on approach to problems and has always been keen to do things himself rather than get others to help him. But this is just insane." 

Let's just hope Hsiao doesn't write a DIY home repair book.

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