Thursday, October 16, 2014

I Have No Idea How Driver Survived This Worst. Crash. Ever.

A still from the dash cam video. And this
is only the first impact in the crash. Yikes!  
A dash cam video has emerged from Belgium which shows a Ford Focus zipping across a bunch of highway lanes to reach an exit the driver wanted to reach.

It ended very, very badly, given all the trucks around.  The car violently hit a semi, and another semi then ran the remnants of the car over.

Amazingly, the driver survived, according to the web site Carscoops. 

Carscoops said the Belgian news station HLN interviewed the driver, who broke two vertebrae, shattered her hand and went into a coma after the crash. She is now reported to be "recovering exceptionally well."

I never say people deserve to suffer such injuries, and the driver of this car didn't. But still, GAWD was she stupid to drive the way she was.

I also feel sorry for the truck driver who had the dash cam video running. I bet he was sure the crash killed the woman in the car.

When she fully recovers and gets another car to drive, I bet she'll be a LOT more careful when entering and exiting highways.  I think we can all learn that lesson from watching the video.

Here's the extremely scary video.

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