Friday, October 31, 2014

Worst Halloween Crime News: A Telletubbie Break-In

How would you feel if this broke into
your house in the middle of the night?  
In the latest case of Halloween depravity, a Telletubbie broke into a Pennsylvania house, took leftover Chinese food from a refrigerator and dumped it into something called a "man purse."

The Teletubbie is better known as Terez S. Owens, 20, a Lehigh University student from Florida (of course, Florida, where else).

He faces a criminal mischief and disorderly conduct charge, says Lehigh Valley Live. 

The victim of the break in at first declined to press charges, but I imagine there is something disconcerting about a big yellow Teletubbie bursting into your house and dumping Chinese food into your purse or whatever.

Local police reassure us that "Not that many teletubbies get arrested."


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