Saturday, October 4, 2014

Two Baby Animal Rescues To Charm Your Day

This baby elephant fell into a little ditch in
a Zurich zoo and couldn't get up. Watch the rescue in this post.  
Sometimes, kids quickly get themselves into trouble and have to be rescued by responsible adults.

Such was the case recently with a young elephant at a zoo in Zurich and a baby fox in Britain.

Note: Hat tip to Nothing To Do With Abroath for both videos.

In the first video, an baby elephant is playing at the zoo when he falls off a little ledge, lets out a squawk of pain from the bump and can't get up.

Luckily, there were a couple adults in the room to set things right. Very charming:

The next video isn't so charming but it does have a happy ending.

A baby fox ended up badly tangled in a soccer net (OK, football net if you want me to be proper). The fox struggled, and made things worse, The net was strangling him, and cutting off the circulation in its legs.

Luckily, some human rescuers noticed in a nick of time, and a couple of guys from Wildlife Aid cut up the net, freed the fox and examined the little critter to see if he was OK. (Spoiler alert: The fox scampers off at the very end of the video, so he's fine.)

It's still fascinating to watch the video, though. Amazing what can turn into a hazard for animals. Wildlife Aid suggests rolling up and putting away soccer nets when they're not being used.

Here's the video:

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