Sunday, October 12, 2014

"Mean" Magician Rips Up Homeless Veteran's Sign. Watch What Happens Next

Watch what happens after a guy rips
up this homeless veteran's sign.  
The stunt depicted in the video in this post could have gone wrong, and certainly appears to start off on a mean note.  

A young guy named Rob Anderson comes up and takes the sign away from a homeless veteran, a guy by the name of Alan McKracken, on a street corner.

The young guy rips up the sign, which isn't exactly helpful to the veteran trying to collect a bit of coin.

This seems especially cruel because people in the area say McKracken is a nice guy and tries to make people smile, even the ones who don't give him any cash.

But things take a turn as the stunt progresses.

Also, Anderson started a GoFundMe campaign for McKracken. The video went viral, so a lot of people donated, and at last check, more than $35,000 had been raised for McKracken.

Pretty cool!  Here's the video:

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