Sunday, October 26, 2014

Looking Back At This Year's Vermont Fall Foliage

Near Fairfield, Vermont.  
Fall foliage season is all but kaput in Vermont for the season.

There's still a few splashes of nice color, of course, especially in the warmer valleys and right in the heart of towns, cities and villages, where it tends to be a bit milder.

But stick season is upon us, that time of year before the snow but when the trees are all bare, all the leaves are brown and the sky is gray, and you want to go for a walk on an (almost) winters day. (Thanks, Momas and Papas!)

Near Bakersfield,
It was a great season here in Vermont, though. The foliage lasted a long time, because we didn't have a lot of wind and rain and hard frosts.

There were a a lot of sunny, warm days, and a slightly dry August and September seemed to bring out the reds and deep oranges in the trees when October came around.

As I always do, I'll post a few photos of what I came up with for images from this year's season. I'm fascinated by low evening sunlight, dark clouds and bright foliage, so we went heavy on that this year.

Enjoy! (Scroll down to see 'em all)

St. Albans, Vermont.

Pine needles and leaves floating on water,
 West Rutland Vermont 

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