Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Watch This Train Hit A Truck. (Then The Gas Starts Leaking)

Aftermath of that big truck/train crash in Louisiana  
A train got stuck on some railroad tracks in Louisiana Sunday.  

Bad timing, as a train was barreling in from close by and there was no time to stop it.

The result was the dramatic video you see below taken by some people on the road waiting for the train to pass.

According to the Bastrop Daily Enterprise in Louisiana, the truck driver got out of the vehicle before the train hit it. The train derailed, and the engineer and conductor were hospitalized with injuries.

Watch the video below unti the end, because you see something scary: This what cloud of gas coming from the derailed train. The people in the car beat a hasty retreat, which was probably smart.

It was argon gas. Luckily, it's not super, duper toxic, so it wouldn't hurt people unless they breathed a lot of it. Even luckier, the train did not have oil cars.

The mayor of Mer Rouge, where the crash occured, said oil cars go through ten times a day. Had one of those derailed, there would have been an explosion, fire and fatalities, said another local paper, the News Star. in Monroe, Louisiana.

I'm glad we don't have a scary video of an oil train explosion. This one is scary enough:

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