Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Alleged Weirdo Has Bizarre, Illegal Way Of Cheering Himself Up At Work

EVERYBODY wishes this guy had found
another way to have fun at work. Now he probably
does, too, now that he's been arrested.  
We all have those moments. The day at work seems to drag, the task you're assigned to do is kind of boring and blah, and you really need a pick-me-up.

Even somebody making a funny wisecrack would do.

Of course, there are lines you shouldn't cross when you're trying to have a little fun at work.

One guy named David Keith Slovinski in Michigan crossed that line, ran it over, and kept going and going and going.  Everybody really wishes he'd stopped, says the MLive media group web site. 

His idea of an at-work boost was to take photos of his junk, then show them to his co-workers at a Meijor grocery store in Michigan, according to police, as reported in MLive.

"Yeah, it cheers me up when I'm feeling down," Slovinski is quoted as saying in an affidavit in Granville District Court in Michigan.

Of course, Slovinski might have been cheered up, but for fellow employees, Slovinski's actions pretty much took the fun out of the day at work.

Actually, the cheeriness quotient has since got up for Slovinski's co-workers and down for Slovinski himself.

That's because he's been arrested, and of course that means the co-workers are free to use their break times to, I don't know, look at cat videos on line rather than see pics of Slovinski's junk.

MLive say Slovinski has gotten himself in trouble lots of times before for this sort of thing, so it's way past time for find another way to make himself happy at work.

And I don't mean that, either!

What's wrong with doing what people do on their breaks where I work, and what I imagine happens where you work.  They eat snacks, read the paper, catch up on email, chat with each other.

Shouldn't be that hard, er, difficult.

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